Ibiza in 48 hours

The increase in flights between Ibiza and many other national and international airports has turned this island into a very attractive destination for a weekend getaway. If you only have 48 hours to discover Ibiza for the very first time and you’d like to make the most of your stay, check out the following plan that was specially thought out for travellers who wish to visit the island.

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Our island is universally famous for its festive atmosphere, but Ibiza has been a family holiday place for decades thanks to its beaches and coves that are usually very safe for children to bathe. If you’re organizing your family holidays in Ibiza but haven’t yet decided where to stay, here are some hotels for you to enjoy your stay on the island.

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One of the Ibiza’s greatest appeals is that the island has plans for all kinds of visitors, whether they’re travelling as a family, as a group of friends or as a couple. These suggestions have been specially designed for those visiting the island as a couple and seek intimate, relaxed plans.

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5 Essential plans for your first holidays in Ibiza

Is this your first time in Ibiza? If you don’t yet know the most famous island in the Mediterranean, make sure to note down these essential plans in your travel planner. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting the island with your family, friends or partner... They will all enjoy these suggestions!

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Three romantic plans to enjoy in Ibiza - I

Ibiza can be very festive, it´s true, but also family and really really loving. To get this, there´s only necessary good company and note down in your travel log some addresses that favor romance. In this first post dedicated to the most romantic Ibiza we propose you three really appealing plans, so that you can set all that extra dose of kisses, cares and complicities that you carry in your suitcase to this island, free.

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After our first post about plans with the family in Ibiza we now suggest a new batch of tips to enjoy with your kids. Five tips that include from one of the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza to one of the most entertaining visits for both, children and adults.

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5 tips to enjoy Ibiza with the family – Part I

Ibiza is well-kown for it's party face, but the island is also a very attractive destination for families, who usually find here beautiful beaches with clear and calm waters, which are perfect for children. But there’s much more. If you are travelling this summer to Ibiza with your kids, take note of these places and enjoy your holidays in the island to the utmost.


Ibiza in 5 sunsets

For sure you already know you must not miss the well-known sunsets in Ibiza. But probably you don’t know exactly where to go to enjoy the most spectacular ones. In that case, please take note of this selection, where the landscape and the atmosphere play a main role. The finishing touch, as always, is up to the sun and the clouds.


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