Formentera in 5 essential spots

Frequently, for the first time you visit Formentera you have just a few hours to discover it. The traveler usually comes to the island for a full-day trip - as the ones we offer in Ulises Cat - and during that time he wants to find out as much as possible about its tourist attractions. If that is your case, you just have to rent a bicycle, a motorbike or an electric car, and mark on your travel route this 5 essential spots.


1. Illetes

This will be for sure one of the reasons why you will fall in love with the island. With a total of 500 meters length, these untouched deserted sands owe their beauty to the wonderful color tones of the water surrounding: blue, turquoise, aquamarine-colored. Their sandy ground bottoms and the smooth slopes, make these beaches a very recommendable place for families with little children.

2. Cap Barbaria

The lighthouse built on the edge of this cape became an icon after it was shown in the Spanish film “Lucía y el Sexo”. Apart from films, this enclave, opened out to the sea and the horizon, is really an excellent viewpoint where to enjoy the sunset.

 Vista desde el mar de Cap Barbaria al atardecer


3. Es Migjorn Beaches

This is a long sandy strip, 5 kilometers in length, whose low occupancy makes it perfect for anyone looking for tranquility. Besides, from this location is also possible to enjoy the beautiful sunsets.

4. La Mola

This plateau, hardly 100 meters in height, is the higher top on the island. The road which leads up to El Pilar de la Mola itself is a fantastic viewpoint where you can admire Formentera and Ibiza’s southwest coast. A good location from which you can take a photograph is a restaurant called “El Mirador”, located in km. 14.


Vista panorámica de Formentera desde La Mola


5. Sant Francesc Xavier Church

This temple mustn’t be missed, because it’s one of the best examples of church-fortress all around the Pitiusas islands. While visiting this church, it’s interesting to take a look onto the remarkable thickness of the entrance gates, sheltered with iron sheets. It’s located in the village of the same name.

Street General Balanzat nº 3 local 30
Edificio Tanit
07820 Sant Antonio (Ibiza)

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